Tin Toys — January 1, 2017 at 12:00 am

Tin Toy Corner: Carette’s 1898/9 Steam Driven Three-Wheeled Automobile

By Renaud Fournier (rfournier1900@live.com)

Carette’s 1898/9 catalog illustrates a steam driven three-wheeled automobile, as referenced in David Pressland’s Great Book of Tin Toys. This has been a reference to a mythical toy, of which an example had not been seen by most collectors.

I had for many years wondered what the actual toy might have looked like and am thrilled to now be able to share pictures of the actual toy with all of you. The toy measures about 7 inches long and is indeed driven by a steam motor.

Water is placed in the seat compartment under the driver via a small opening located on the seat next to the driver. Distilled alcohol is placed in the black metal box behind the front wheel and a wick is lit at the end of the long tube coming out of the left side of the container.

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